God created man

     In the beginning, man,
          conceived in Mind,
               reflects Soul; 
          formed of Spirit,
               likens Principle;
          known by Life, Truth & Love,
               images God,
                    now and forever.
                                                            ~Carolyn St.Charles

     Man reflects God by virtue of his authentic DNA. 
     Man, who lives in the world, is conformed by God.

     Man experiences pain when not aware of this fact.

     Man, who holds he is agnostic or an atheist, sleeps.

     Man dreams his world and claims it as his creation.

     Man, tossing and turning, tries to govern but cannot.
     Man becomes battle-tired and hears his name called.
     Man, opening his eyes, clears away the blurring veil.

     Man was mystified by the unreal but now is awake.

     Man, feeling satisfied, healthy and joyous, laughs.
     Man knows the good, truth and beauty as God said.


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