Haiti, Haiti, Haiti

   Haiti's cry for comfort asks us to let go of a material person. It asks us to understand that life cannot be extinguished and that mankind's reflected life is deathless. Those that appear to have departed from a material body that so easily decays continue to be embraced in the everlasting arms of love. We cannot see spirit, god, or spirit's image and likeness with material eyes.
   Therefore, we must hold to what we know. We must refuse to believe beginnings and endings. We must close our eyes and discern love's reality in the place of every lie about love. A lie has no power, it has no truth, it has no life because god did not create it. Good is visible to the heart in the midst of mankind's extremity.
   We imprison when we label haiti and its people as "poorest in the western hemisphere." They are the rightly blessed "poor in spirit." Knowing this truth, they sing.
   Join with the haitians as they sing in the face of extremity. Haitians' singing reminds not only haitians, themselves, but also we who watch and pray that life, good, simply cannot be destroyed. Their voices teach the power of gratitude, hope and joy to "feed the famished affections."
   We do much when we appreciate haitians as neighbors and peers, join in their singing and together take the needed human footsteps. We do much when we exhibit normal activity. We do most when we walk with and share their song. In that way, we express love that comforts, inspires and heals.

These meta-thoughts were written and later posted in the hope
they would "afford prove of [their] utility" to you, loving reader