7 Synonyms for God

This presentation illustrates a healing prayer/study of 
the 7 Synonyms found in the Glossary definition of God in 
Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures S&H 567:5
by Mary Baker Eddy


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Many, many are again commemorating the date, 9/11, some, facing a present emergency, are calling 911 and others are finding 911 in a different context, like the mundane spending of $9.11 --BUT you need to be aware that those 3 numbers in their Biblical context have proven many times to safeguard and to bring immediate help.

Psalm 91:1 He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.
-- This is the Nine-One-One I tell USMC recruits


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When misconceptions about Christian Science are published, it is a kindness to correct them with the true facts and without debate.

Anyone believing and stating a misconception is yet my brother or my sister and deserves respect expressed by taking time and care to share what is true about Christian Science. Not to do so would have them remain uninformed and not witness the universal healing power of Christian Science and would disobey the command of Christ Jesus cited in the comment.


God’s healing is spiritual healing. If medical science heals, it heals through the physical. Christian Science heals through the mind. But when God heals, He heals through the spirit. ~hindfeet

I agree with your pov that healing is to be expected and accepted spiritually as answered prayer - that brings the material picture into harmonious focus. Science demands a specific outcome when it's laws are correctly applied. For a Christian Scientist, healing demonstrates Science, the law of God, Spirit, Love, Truth and Mind** as Jesus taught and proved - "confirming the word with signs following" (Mark 16:20)

It is divine Mind, Spirit that heals. The human mind and/or spirit is personal, limited and powerless to operate/heal apart from Spirit, Mind. As Christ Jesus said: "The son can do nothing of himself, but what he seeth the Father do; for what things soever he doeth, these also doeth the Son likewise"(John5:19) and in obedience to his command to heal the sick (Matt 10:8 & Luke 9:2), we must do likewise. And to do this, we must exchange blind faith and feelings for wisdom and understanding of God's eternally active Law of Health.
I am grateful that you wrote about faith vs. feeling in healing and that I was lead to your post.


**Christian Science recognizes 7 synonyms for God: Life, Truth, Love Soul, Spirit, Mind, Principle. As proper names for God, they are interchangeable and stand in clear contrast to the personal, human sense of the words.

The mistake: Mind = mind is a common one in world thought. But within it is a fingerpost pointing to the line of demarcation between divine Science and material science and erroneous belief. Hopefully Christian Science is better understood and well-served by this correcting comment.

Please note that comments to this blog are also moderated. While curious disagreement is welcome, sincerity and respect for Christian Science are required for comments to be posted.


One Infinite God, Good

One infinite, God, good,
unifies men
One infinite, God, good,
[unifies] nations;
One infinite, God, good,
constitutes the brotherhood of man;
One infinite, God, good,
ends wars;
One infinite, God, good,
fulfils the Scripture,
"Love thy neighbor as thyself;"

One infinite, God, good,
annihilates pagan [idolatry]
One infinite, God, good,
[annihilates] Christian idolatry,
One infinite, God, good,
[annihilates] --whatever is wrong in social [codes],
One infinite, God, good,
[annihilates --whatever is wrong in] civil [codes],
One infinite, God, good,
[annihilates --whatever is wrong in] criminal [codes],
One infinite, God, good,
[annihilates --whatever is wrong in] political [codes],
One infinite, God, good,
[annihilates --whatever is wrong in] religious codes;
One infinite, God, good,
equalizes the sexes;
One infinite, God, good,
annuls the curse on man, and
One infinite, God, good,
leaves nothing that can sin,
One infinite, God, good,
[leaves nothing that can] suffer,
One infinite, God, good,
[leaves nothing that can] be punished
One infinite, God, good,
[leaves nothing that can be] destroyed.

            adaptation by Carolyn St.Charles 
of Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures (340:23)


Genesis by Mind

Knowing His knowing;
He said His knowing;
He saw His knowing;
He blessed His knowing;
He rested knowing
All is good, very good.

                      ~Carolyn St Charles


Abraham finds God

Q: No one introduced Abraham to God, how do you think he recognized the One God?
A: Jewish tradition includes the Midrash or commentary on Biblical accounts. One Midrash is about pre-Abraham Abram's first knowing the One God of Judaism, Islam and of course Christianity. In short, Abram was working for his father, Terah,  who made, sold and repaired idols when he clearly saw that idols were powerless and depended totally on men's hands. He knew that God was above and beyond any idol and the universe and not limited by matter in any way. He absolutely knew God was not material but Spirit. He then took an unwavering stand against the ignorant beliefs of everyone, including Nimrod, and his adventure in greatness began.
"Rabbi Hiyya said that Terah manufactured idols and told the following account:
Terah once went away and left Abraham to mind the store. A woman came with a plateful of flour and asked Abraham to offer it to the idols. Abraham took a stick, broke the idols, and put the stick in the largest idol’s hand.
When Terah returned, he demanded that Abraham explain what he had done. Abraham told Terah that the idols fought among themselves and the largest broke the others with the stick.
'Why do you make sport of me?' Terah cried, 'Do they have any knowledge?'
Abraham replied, 'Listen to what you are saying!  
from "Jewish Tradition" http://tinyurl.com/ccrmv3
Encountering Religion: An Introduction to the Religions of the World by Ian S. Markham, Tinu Ruparell http://tinyurl.com/cbe7p6 
Chabad.org Library: Jewish History - Abraham's Early Life http://tinyurl.com/c5pnvb 

Q: Can you have an Abram experience, a moment when you know that you know God is One? 
A: Yes! Yes! Yes! We all must have that moment often called salvation sooner or later. Eternity is timeless so we cannot be late!