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The @stcharlescs Tweet that linked you to a moderated comment was premature. The comment has not yet been accepted by hindfeet and posted. Hence, it is posted below in its entirety. (note: email address and this blog address were submitted with comment)

When misconceptions about Christian Science are published, it is a kindness to correct them with the true facts and without debate.

Anyone believing and stating a misconception is yet my brother or my sister and deserves respect expressed by taking time and care to share what is true about Christian Science. Not to do so would have them remain uninformed and not witness the universal healing power of Christian Science and would disobey the command of Christ Jesus cited in the comment.


God’s healing is spiritual healing. If medical science heals, it heals through the physical. Christian Science heals through the mind. But when God heals, He heals through the spirit. ~hindfeet

I agree with your pov that healing is to be expected and accepted spiritually as answered prayer - that brings the material picture into harmonious focus. Science demands a specific outcome when it's laws are correctly applied. For a Christian Scientist, healing demonstrates Science, the law of God, Spirit, Love, Truth and Mind** as Jesus taught and proved - "confirming the word with signs following" (Mark 16:20)

It is divine Mind, Spirit that heals. The human mind and/or spirit is personal, limited and powerless to operate/heal apart from Spirit, Mind. As Christ Jesus said: "The son can do nothing of himself, but what he seeth the Father do; for what things soever he doeth, these also doeth the Son likewise"(John5:19) and in obedience to his command to heal the sick (Matt 10:8 & Luke 9:2), we must do likewise. And to do this, we must exchange blind faith and feelings for wisdom and understanding of God's eternally active Law of Health.
I am grateful that you wrote about faith vs. feeling in healing and that I was lead to your post.


**Christian Science recognizes 7 synonyms for God: Life, Truth, Love Soul, Spirit, Mind, Principle. As proper names for God, they are interchangeable and stand in clear contrast to the personal, human sense of the words.

The mistake: Mind = mind is a common one in world thought. But within it is a fingerpost pointing to the line of demarcation between divine Science and material science and erroneous belief. Hopefully Christian Science is better understood and well-served by this correcting comment.

Please note that comments to this blog are also moderated. While curious disagreement is welcome, sincerity and respect for Christian Science are required for comments to be posted.

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