Tis the season for election promises and spiritual discernment...

Today, after reading Don Ingwerson's repost of Fran Esser's post, PRAYER FOR GOOD GOVERNMENT, I began to think. And for me thinking usually starts with a question, so here it is.

Why are we taught to avoid certain topics like politics in our social conversation? 
Isn't it because those discussions often trouble our hearts? But, consider this: Does a topic have power to cause us heart troubles? Isn't it rather how we speak to it?

Not being conformed by this world, we are capable and are needed to lift society's thought and contribute to the political discourse. We are able to bring ideas to bear that express Principle and Love. These ideas include an innate spiritual authority. They demand recognition so firmly that it is no longer we who speak but Truth itself. We become Truth's transparency.

Such is the language of Soul. First it enables us and then it impels us to speak with our brother without fear of troubled hearts, even on matters of politics. We find ourselves on holy ground. We love our One infinite God(1) supremely. We love ourselves humbly and our neighbor trustingly. We join together to see governance not through blind eyes of belief but through the Mind which was also in Christ Jesus.(2)

Thus empowered, we can earnestly
  - reason together in Spirit;
  - know that right ideas satisfy both Church and State;
  - promote whatsoever is good;
  - take the human footsteps to vote to elect and
  - prove
Thy kingdom come
(3) - Thou are ever-present.(4)

Thanks for thinking along with me, Neighbor. Appreciate the company and invite your thoughts.

(1)  S&H 340:23
(2)  Philippians 2:5
(3)  Christ Jesus


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