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The King's Speech - a fine and worthy film

I left with a happy glow after watching “The King’s Speech” on Sunday .

Watching through the lens of Christian Science made the film all the more interesting. I noticed a variety of behaviors that fit with the public practice of Christian Science. Logue rejected idolatry (rank, role, etc.) at the start (to begin rightly...). His creative understanding and skill came from within (Mind) not from academics. He showed an quiet but uncompromising respect for his capacity. Logue spoke with authority (he knew that he knew). He used a teaching (prayer) closet to protect himself and his pupil and their work. He didn't keep assessment records. And he definitely honored the ethics of confidentiality.

Considering: "Rampage in Arizona: Thinking Differently About Evil"

This post is a response to some current calls for comfort and understanding. The shootings in Arizona and the flooding in Australia are two requests. Another is from those in the unmet aftermath in Haiti. Requests come from the people of Ivory Coast, the Coptics in Egypt, Church-goers in Nigeria, followers of minority faith traditions in several other countries, school children in Kenya and inner cities here, even Muslims sharing the same umbrella of Islam - the list of requests continues. Un-named people cry out from prisons of hard human experiences.

In spite of a multitude of forms of evil there is really one fearfilled question: 

Where is God - does evil have the power to destroy me or you or us? 



With the arrival of the Wise Men (Epiphany) remembered, Christmas season is complete. But, its light continues as ignited hope shining in Juba, South Sudan. Take a morning drive.

The South Sudan Referendum or Secession vote is a human footstep on the path toward autonomy. It follows the Sudan 2010 Election. Expectancy fills their hearts and the very air. From a picture it seems that their voting finger ink is the calming blue green of a quiet sea.