With the arrival of the Wise Men (Epiphany) remembered, Christmas season is complete. But, its light continues as ignited hope shining in Juba, South Sudan. Take a morning drive.

The South Sudan Referendum or Secession vote is a human footstep on the path toward autonomy. It follows the Sudan 2010 Election. Expectancy fills their hearts and the very air. From a picture it seems that their voting finger ink is the calming blue green of a quiet sea.

TMCYouth's Prayer Watch page has a relevant post by Veronica Switzer and my comment :

Have been following news of the people in SoSudan. They are so expectant and happy at the prospect of taking on an exceeding great task.

They have a blank slate upon which to write their future. They have almost nothing to undo and everything to create. They express a great sense of joy and confidence that they can craft what they need. They are undaunted by the demands of autonomy. They desire peace and safety for their families.

My prayer holds fast to their ever present courage and creativity that manifests as inclusive growth and stability. That their present multi-cultural national family naturally and unreservedly expresses “Love reflected in love.” That fear has no power to direct human behavior. That man’s “right idea wins the right of way” in every department…

Author-Journalist, Rebecca Hamilton's story Sudan Dispatch: Is the End in Sight? gives an account of the situation and it's potential for strife. You can also read  Maggie Fick reports from Juba in the Christian Science Monitor  as well as reporters and bloggers. 

Follow their story links and join me at my prayerful post.  The hope of God's man can be realized and bestow a blessing on all. We can bear witness to the Truth that:

Divine Love always has met and always will meet every human need. 
~Mary Baker Eddy           

PS: Check all the links in this post to get a video view of Juba and its people.


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