Considering: "Rampage in Arizona: Thinking Differently About Evil"

This post is a response to some current calls for comfort and understanding. The shootings in Arizona and the flooding in Australia are two requests. Another is from those in the unmet aftermath in Haiti. Requests come from the people of Ivory Coast, the Coptics in Egypt, Church-goers in Nigeria, followers of minority faith traditions in several other countries, school children in Kenya and inner cities here, even Muslims sharing the same umbrella of Islam - the list of requests continues. Un-named people cry out from prisons of hard human experiences.

In spite of a multitude of forms of evil there is really one fearfilled question: 

Where is God - does evil have the power to destroy me or you or us? 

Many good wishes and answers are being offered by people around the world. But here is one to bless the struggling heart. It was posted today by Eric Nelson 

The video message tells us to look at evil differently and not just accept it at face value - to disarm evil. The video offers understanding plus it gives the viewer a rightful expectation of good. It turns the viewer's thought from evil to live. It heals as it comforts. 

A second helpful link in Eric's post is "Christian Theism" written by Mary Baker Eddy. It gives thinkers the deeper soil for their taproots of thought. 

Christian Science is available to all who seek to know God's universal Law of Life that destroys evil with the command: Thou shalt have no other gods!! There is no requirement beyond the Christian Science Pastor, The Bible and Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy. 

Whatever the supposititious evil, God is an ever present help. The Pastor has no office hours but is on call according to your desire or need. However if you want the support of a companion on your way, Christian Science Practitioners, myself included, are available 24/7.

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