Flowers at the door

Flowers at the door are the first sign you are welcome. 

Whether you are returning home or are a visitor just arriving, flowers set the stage. Whatever happens next is impacted by their vitality, hue and shape.

A reply to GB Shaw quote post

The post:

Revolutions have never lightened the burden of tyranny:
they have only shifted it to another shoulder
~ George Bernard Shaw

My comment:

GBS speaks from the perspective of the human and in that context speaks more truly than is understood during the time of revolution. However, when governed by God, man needs no other government. Man (mankind, male and female) is free to obey the 2 great commandments. He will naturally and rightly love his neighbor as himself as he loves himself, not as self-made but as God's image and likeness.



A Bible study can cut an interesting new path in thought. And that is exactly what happened today while I was studying the weekly CSBL on Spirit. One citation from Science and Health arrested my attention. As I read it, I took a detour in order to explore the word, aroma. My detour may interest you.