Below is a presentation of one of Mary Baker Eddy's thoughts 
about the trials one encounters while searching for Truth.
It is simple and short and true.
It may remind you of a time when you eagerly embarked....


Recent headlines indicate that people around the world are looking for the stability Truth offers and are embarking on a search for it. They are encountering stormy seas where what they trusted is proven unreliable. They are finding that wanting something like freedom is not enough, it must be claimed and possessed. 
While in the midst of such hard and even violent battles with error, God's unfailing care may seem hard to remember and believe. Recalling what has been proven to be true and victorious in previous times may feel impossible. But rejecting panic and calling on the tiniest shard of Truth will turn the tide.

Know the Truth and Truth will set you free. (1)
Truth known is Truth called upon. It sets free like someone waking you up from a dream of flooding waters. You find you are dry. There is no need to dry the floors, there was no flood. There were no waters though they appeared so very real and frightening while dreaming. They didn't go away, they were never there.
Truth brings to light the ever presence of Love and Its eternal care for Its child. Love is trustworthy because It cannot contradict Itself. It operates by Its uninterrupted eternal law that saw all It had created as not only "good," but "very good."(2)    Love does not rethink.
Seeking Truth is safe. Your crown awaits.

+Carolyn St.Charles

 (1) John 8:32 
 (2)  Genesis 1:31 
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Author: +Carolyn St.Charles

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Carolyn St.Charles said...

Hi, Everyone,
Did your search for Truth take you through a storm? Hope you will share how you navigated through it.