Job and Mortal Man declared INNOCENT!


After the Storm -- a Rainbow

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The Bible:  JOB 
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Many years ago, a man named Job lived in the land of Uz. He was a truly good person, who respected God and refused to do evil. ...He was the richest person in the East.

One day, ...the Lord asked, “What do you think of my servant Job? No one on earth is like him —he is a truly good person, who respects me and refuses to do evil.”

...Satan remarked. ...Try taking away everything he owns, and he will curse you to your face.”
Job’s sons and daughters were having a feast... when someone rushed up to Job and said, a gang of Sabeans attacked and stole the oxen and donkeys! Your other servants were killed, ...a second one came running up and saying, “God sent down a fire that killed your sheep and your servants. ...a third one raced up and said, “Three gangs of Chaldeans attacked and stole your camels! All of your other servants were killed ...when a fourth one dashed up and said, “Your children were having a feast... when suddenly a windstorm from the desert blew the house down, crushing all of your children.
When Job heard this, he tore his clothes and shaved his head because of his great sorrow. He knelt on the ground, then worshiped God  In spite of everything, Job did not sin or accuse God of doing wrong.
Then the Lord asked, “What do you think of my servant Job? ... he hasn’t changed...”
Satan answered, “... Try striking Job’s own body with pain, and he will curse you to your face.”
Satan left and caused painful sores to break out all over Job’s body—from head to toe.
Then Job sat on the ash-heap to show his sorrow. ...In all that happened, Job never once said anything against God.
Eliphaz from Teman, Bildad from Shuah, and Zophar from Naamah were three of Job’s friends, and they heard about his troubles. ...For seven days and nights, they sat silently on the ground beside him,
Finally, Job cursed the day of his birth by saying to God: Blot out the day of my birth and the night when my parents created a son. ...Why does God let me live when life is miserable and so bitter?
Eliphaz from Teman said: ...only those who plant seeds of evil harvest trouble ...No humans are innocent in the eyes of God their Creator. ...Humans are formed from clay and are fragile as moths, so what chance do you have? ...Job, if I were you, I would ask God for help. ...His miracles are marvelous, more than we can count.
Job said: ...What have I done wrong? ...Why is life so hard? Why do we suffer? ...I beg you, God, don’t forget! …I cry out to you in agony and distress. ...Why do you refuse to forgive?
Bildad from Shuah said: ...Does God All-Powerful stand in the way of justice? He made your children pay for their sins. So why don’t you turn to him and start living right? ...We know God doesn’t reject an innocent person or help a sinner.
Job said: What you say is true. No human is innocent in the sight of God. ...Sometimes I try to be cheerful and to stop complaining, but my sufferings frighten me, because I know that God still considers me guilty. So what’s the use of trying to prove my innocence?
...from my deep despair, I complain to you, my God. Don’t just condemn me! Point out my sin. ...You know I am innocent, but who can defend me against you? Will you now destroy someone you created? Remember that you molded me like a piece of clay.
Zophar from Naamah said: ...God has the wisdom to know when someone is worthless and sinful, ...Surrender your heart to God, turn to him in prayer, and give up your sins— even those you do in secret. ...Your troubles will go away like water beneath a bridge
Job said to his friends: ...I have always lived right, and God answered my prayers; now friends make fun of me. ...I prefer to argue my case with God All-Powerful— …I ask only two things of you, my God ...Please point out my sins, so I will know them. ...Please hide me, God, deep in the ground— and when you are angry no more, remember to rescue me. ...My complaint is against God; that’s why I am impatient. ...I cannot find God anywhere— ...I long for the past, when God took care of me ...I am not dishonest or deceitful, and I beg God to prove my innocence. ...After saying these things, Job was silent.
Elihu from Buz was there, and he had become upset with Job for blaming God instead of himself. He was also angry with Job’s three friends for not being able to prove that Job was wrong. ...Job, you should tell God that you are guilty and promise to do better. ...God cannot be seen— but his power is great, and he is always fair.
From out of a storm, the Lord said to Job: ...Now get ready to face me! ...I am the Lord All-Powerful, but you have argued that I am wrong. Now you must answer me
Job said to the Lord: Who am I to answer you? I did speak once or twice, but never again.
Then out of the storm the Lord said to Job: ...Are you trying to prove that you are innocent by accusing me of injustice? ...Show your furious anger! ...Do this, and I will agree that you have won this argument. ...I created both you and the hippopotamus.
Job said: No one can oppose you, because you have the power to do what you want. I heard about you from others; now I have seen you with my own eyes. That’s why I hate myself and sit here in dust and ashes to show my sorrow.
The Lord said to Eliphaz: ...Job will pray, and I will agree not to punish you for your foolishness.
And the Lord turned the captivity of Job, when he prayed for his friends: also the Lord gave Job twice as much as he had before.

I here present to my readers an allegory
Suppose a mental case to be on trial, as cases are tried in court. A man is charged with having committed liver-complaint. The patient feels ill, ruminates, and the trial commences.
The evidence for the prosecution being called for, a witness testifies thus: —
    I represent Health-laws.
The next witness is called: —
    I am Coated Tongue.
Another witness takes the stand and testifies: —
    I am Sallow Skin.
The next witness testifies: —
    I am Nerve, the State Commissioner for Mortal Man.
Another witness is called... and says: —
    I am Mortality, Governor of the Province of Body,
Another witness takes the stand and testifies: —
    I am Death.
The testimony for the plaintiff, Personal Sense, being closed, Judge Medicine arises, and with great solemnity addresses the jury of Mortal Minds.
The case is given to the jury. A brief consultation ensues, and the jury returns a verdict of "Guilty...”
...but Christ, Truth, the spirit of Life and the friend of Mortal Man, can open wide those prison doors and set the captive free. Swift on the wings of divine Love, there comes a despatch: "Delay the execution; the prisoner is not guilty."

After much debate and opposition, permission is obtained for a trial in the Court of Spirit, where Christian Science is allowed to appear as counsel for the unfortunate prisoner. ...and opens the argument for the defence: —
  The prisoner at the bar has been unjustly sentenced. ...The law of our Supreme Court decrees that whosoever sinneth shall die; but good deeds are immortal ...I ask that the Supreme Court of Spirit reverse this decision.
Christian Science turned from the abashed witnesses, his words flashing as lightning in the perturbed faces of these worthies, Scholastic Theology, Materia Medica, Physiology, the blind Hypnotism, and the masked Personal Sense, and said: —

   God will smite you, O whited walls ...You came to his rescue, only to fasten upon him an offence of which he was innocent. ...Our higher statutes declare you all, witnesses, jurors, and judges, to be offenders ...You cannot trample upon the decree of the Supreme Bench. Mortal Man has his appeal to Spirit, God, who sentences only for sin. ...I appeal to the just and equitable decisions of divine Spirit to restore to Mortal Man the rights of which he has been deprived.
Here the counsel for the defence closed
The Supreme Bench decides in favor of intelligence, that no law outside of divine Mind can punish or reward Mortal Man. ...We have no trials for sickness before the tribunal of divine Spirit. There, Man is adjudged innocent of transgressing physical laws, because there are no such laws. Our statute is spiritual, our Government is divine. "Shall not the Judge of all the earth do right?"
The Jury of Spiritual Senses agreed at once upon a verdict, and there resounded throughout the vast audience-chamber of Spirit the cry, Not guilty. Then the prisoner rose up regenerated, strong, free. ...Mortal Man, no longer sick and in prison, walked forth
...God, or good, never made man capable of sin.
...Truth and Love reign in the real man, showing that man in God's image is unfallen and eternal.
I do set my bow in the cloud, and it shall be for a token of a covenant between me and the earth. And it shall come to pass, when I bring a cloud over the earth, that the bow shall be seen in the cloud:
And I will remember my covenant, 
which is between me and you


Prepared by +Carolyn St.Charles

After the Storm -- a Rainbow
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