Beauty, the Nature of Soul

The growing sense of affection that Africans have for their country's beautiful natural resources, both fauna and flora, helps to sustain them. One example is Lake Niassa in Mozambique. It is home to 1,000 species of cichlids and freshwater fish and is treasured and now protected.  WWF - Coastal East Africa   

When severely challenged in a thousand ways and places, beauty and wonder bring out the hope and fortitude in people. These qualities are so needed in every part of Africa. The pain of war, hatred, corruption, ignorance, fear, drought and famine are too much to bear without the restoration a moment or glimpse of beauty brings.

Ye are all the children of light...
Rejoice evermore...
In every thing give thanks.
[see beauty around you]
Quench not the Spirit...

Beauty nourishes the soul of man.
The slightest beauty in the desert is a feast.
Thus fortified, man does the incredible until victorious.
The Soul of Spirit impels man to express it.

No man, male or female, will fail.

Faithful is he that calleth you,
who also will do it.


quotation:  I Thessalonians 5

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