Ripens with vigor, I wrote

 Today, I spoke with Lillian Schwabe, C.S.(1) In her brisk voice she shared this fact:

"What you think about and what you thank about, you will bring about!"

Lillian was the guest of Mitchell Jay Rabin on his TV show, A better World, earlier this year.(2) At 101, this New Yorker, living in Greenwich Village, remains a sturdy and vocal spiritual thinker. She is not even slightly reticent but speaks emphatically and exactly about what she has proven time after time over the decades.

Her human experience is amazing. Early in life, at 7, she studied with Russian composer, Leo Ornstein(3). At 16, Lillian entered NYU where she studied with writer, Thomas Wolfe(4). She progressed as a pianist and played her recital in Carnegie Hall. The list goes on.

But all her human adventures gave way to her decades long spiritual adventure in Christian Science as a Christian Science Practitioner. one who is ever available to provide prayerful treatment to all who call for healing. She works in the way Christ Jesus taught and demonstrated and Mary Baker Eddy presents in Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures.

I thought of calling Lillian after reading a post by Q's Jain about interviewing mystery writer, PD James, 92, about Death Comes to Pemberley, her new book (5) and posting this comment:

"Love accounts like this one. They prove we have no expiration date on our capacities. The many ads that claim debility by aging is natural and necessary are untrue. PD James shows that thinking is not a physical activity operating according to material belief. She ripens with vigor."

And now, please meet and enjoy Lillian Schwabe.

(1) http://goo.gl/eOe7w (CSPS Practitioner Directory)
(2) http://goo.gl/0UFZo (Schwabe's interview audio and video formats)
(3) http://bit.ly/sV2Wxw (Ornstein's biography with link to audio dowload files)
(4) http://bit.ly/IEUG3 (Wolfe's Wikipedia entry)
(5) http://goo.gl/zauMF (PD James post)


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