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California's La Canada Valley Sun has an interesting feature in their Religion Section called "In Theory:" There faith tradition leaders/spokespersons are requested to present perspectives on a variety of issues. Recently this question was posed:

In Theory: Should kids break records?

There were 6 responses representing a range of faith-based thought. The first response was from Christian Scientist,  Graham Bothwell, who concluded his response with a quote and a comment:
"Jesus loved little children because of their freedom from wrong and their receptiveness of right. While age is halting between two opinions … youth makes easy and rapid strides. "  ~Mary Baker Eddy
Perhaps the question isn't so much whether restrictions should be placed on the attempted feats of young persons ...as what we all can learn from seeing the childlike attributes that we all have, in dismissing unrealistic fears and unlocking our own true potential.
George seems to encourage a sense of agelessness at any age.  
           Hmmm... so grab that sense and run with it?
                          Why? one might ask.
                                          Well, how about just because we can!
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