BUZZ: Mark Twain and Mary Baker Eddy

Mary Baker Eddy
Val Kilmer as Mark Twain
There is quite a buzz building around a new film described as "a classic love story in the spirit of DRIVING MISS DAISY." The focus of the film is the relationship between Mary Baker Eddy and her contemporary,  humorist and satirist, Mark Twain.

Eddy has, at times, been recognized as a woman of extraordinary contribution particularly when political correctness is not a priority.  However, misconceptions and ignorance have muddied various accounts of her. As a result, Eddy has not been seen in her own light and much social conversation concerning her has been inaccurate.

It was yellow journalism that gave impetus to the founding of the Christian Science Monitor with its objective "to injure no man, but to bless all mankind." Similar incorrect beliefs have continued to be voiced through time. Even to this day, out of context statements by Mark Twain about Eddy still promote a confused and false view of her. 

Believing doesn't make something true. Truth must reside in what is believed independent of the believer. Bringing what is true into the light doesn't just bless the subject. It blesses all by strengthening the social fabric of trust for all mankind. It establishes a valid basis for trust that informs all useful, harmless and productive human interaction. 

So the buzz about a film about woman loved by Christian Scientists cannot be limited to them. The buzz must increase to include all who want to understand un-selfed lovingkindness in the face of misunderstanding and lies. 

Presenting a correct record of one well-known relationship that has been labeled antagonistic will definitely shine a brighter light for all to use. Thanks, Val.

This post takes note of 
the official book launch held in Berkeley for
Autobiography of Mark Twain
published by University of California Press.
Val Kilmer, otherwise occupiedattended 
as Mark Twain via voice recordings and looping video.
Val Kilmer, the writing, directing, producing, starring and
scientifically directed moving force in and behind the film
Mark Twain and Mary Baker Eddy

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