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Thoughts Tweeted on the Day before the Triduum 
Wednesday of Holy Week

Trials are proofs of God;s care. … Divine Love always has met and always will meet every human need. ~MBEddy

Unless the story our life tells is God's story, our life tells no story.

Without hope we have no strength to arise from our bed to do what is ours to do.

The journey of Jesus to Jerusalem & the cross began on an unbroken colt ridden through crowds of material expectations

The humility of Jesus cannot be matched or surpassed. What could he gain for himself? Agape without price for us.

Weapons of this world flash as they are wielded against brothers. Forsaking God, men seek to kill His image

Sparing nothing, Jesus continues onward to prove the power of immortal Love in defeating men's most feared foe, death.

Our world in turmoil pictures a battle that is not ours, a battle not of matter but of powers and principalities.

As we commemorate the journey of Jesus, we plant the seeds of his fruitage that must emerge gently into a new day.

For Jesus' willing acceptance of the cross, the only proof we could understand, we owe him endless homage.

Every time you forgive you disappoint the devil. ~Bible Time

When forgiving seems most difficult, I am reminded:
I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. ~ Phil4v13

Over the centuries we think to the work of Christ Jesus that saved us though we do not comprehend his love for us.

Every individual reflection of Soul needs its rightful nutriment. It doesn't diet. Feed it daily with gratitude.

There is a new sense pf Spirit blowing across the fact of the earth.

As the Triduum nears let us, Christians and struggling hearts everywhere, set our sails to catch its healing wind that will carry us to Easter.


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