Goldfish that Bite

"Y'all are like goldfish that bite!"

When you adovcate for someone in any setting, such goldfish thinking must win the day. Although said to describe the two founders of Mentoring Today in DC, I find that it works in my Christian Science healing practice. There is no way to be gentle and polite to the false and be of any help the one who has asked for CS treatment. It is being a goldfish that bites that proves my utility and the efficacy of Christian Science to heal.

The gold of my fishness or Christianity is the result of being continually refined by Truth. It is daily self-immolation that follows the dictum: 

...every man that hath this hope in him 
purifieth himself, even as he is pure  ~I John 3:3

Read "Mentoring Today" in the CSMonitor: http://bit.ly/dCj8ur   

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