7 Synonyms for God

How do you think of God?

This presentation illustrates a healing prayer/study of 
the 7 Synonyms found in the Glossary definition of God
Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures S&H 567:5
by Mary Baker Eddy

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Joseph K. said...

Beautiful! Christian Science makes God comprehensible and very near. By living these synonyms as qualities I reflect in my life, I can actually say like Jesus, "I and my Father are one"

Emma said...

Thank you for your very helpful PPT. So often we say the seven synonyms without thinking what they realy mean! I am so glad you started the chart, and enjoyed adding my own thoughts to it this afternoon while studying. Have a lovely day!

Carolyn St.Charles, Christian Science Practitioner said...

Thank both you, Emma, and you, Joseph, for your sweet comments.

Yes, the 7 Synonyms are so beautiful to consider. They can roll through thought so easily and fast. But they are so rich with God's blessing when we take a moment to sit with each of them, as you know.

If you make your own study, please share its link here. We can all grow together.

Thank you again.