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Concluding Statements

Every Christian Science Sunday Service concludes with
theses two citations and a Benediction.

Scientific Statement of Being   designed by CaroNote
The first is from the Christian Science textbook, 

I John 3:1-3   design by CaroNote
The second and correlative passage is from I John3:1-3.

The first states man's true origin and nature. Man is not a mortal material body but the spiritual image and likeness of God. It for this reason that man is referred to as the reflection of God.  

The Scientific Statement of Being reasons that God's image, man, cannot be what God is not or have what God does not have. Man's health is a portrait of the God he images, an exact reflection of God who is perfect. In other words, man cannot lack health.  

That said, when relying on material senses, the portrait appears imperfect suggesting that God is whimsical, changeable. Man appears to be conformed by the world, matter-limited, matter-governed and matter-dependent. But can that be the truth of man created in the image of God who is Spirit, Life and Mind? Can such a portrait of God be reasonable? 

Can man image another original? Can there be another original when God is infinite and eternal? When God is Omnipotent, Omnipresent, Omniscient? All-power, Everywhere-present, All-knowing?

The correlative passage from I John confirms that perfect God and perfect man is the Truth. It confirms that man can only reflect the real and perfect that the world cannot recognize or know. The world knew our master not, why should the world know us?

In I John, we are exhorted to purify ourselves, to reject world beliefs and be true "sons of God" loved by the Father who is Love. We are instructed to be, in expression, the spiritual man unknown by the world. We are reminded that we are sons of God, now, and no future appearance or form will change this fact. 


Christian Science Sunday Services close with two citations that, together, tell us who we are, our duty and our expected outcome. We are brought to the absolute Christian conclusion that is Scientifically provable by every man, male and female. We are then, sent forth with a blessing to demonstrate the Truth we have shared.


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