Horn of Africa drought

One-day-old Iisha's name loosely translates as "life"
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Yesterday I watched a drought(m) report from a refugee camp(v) in a village in East Kenya. People had walked for days, even weeks stirring up dry dust clouds with every step. By material standards, they did the impossible. They walked, they hungered, they gave birth, they mourned, they arrived.  

One sign of Love’s presence in the midst of this extremity is how families meld after parents are lost. Children are, without hesitation, embraced by another family with too little to share.

Children play Elijah(1). They exact little cakes from widow mothers. They know somehow that reflected Love does not carry limitations and consequences. Instead, Love must bless those who trust Omnipotence, are grateful for the last visible expression of supply and lovingly share it.

Whatever the climate claims, man’s supply is not subject to matter claims.
Science stands on this reality: Thy kingdom come.(2)
Man can only agree: Thy kingdom is come, Thou art ever-present.(3)

To jump into a dream of drought is not useful. To control thought like Elijah(4) and persistently look for the little cloud and like Isaiah see in the bud, the desert "bloom as the rose"(5) is Principle. It destroys the lie and bears witness to Truth that sets free according to the Law of God.

Rain cannot disobey. Rain must come just as Life must express.

(m)  BBC map
(v)  Newshour video @ 0:35
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