a blogging conundrum

What should one do with "saved" "draft" posts? Post the ready one and add earlier saved drafts when ready with later dates? But wait! The dear reader does not know their chronology.

Working with ideas is demanding and disconcerting at times. It is especially so when an idea invites or rather, insists upon, research and the weaving in of thoughts and posts of others. Often at those times, I find that the journey becomes a solitary one and you, dear reader, are not brought along. You are left like properly packed but unloaded baggage at the terminal. Lovingly and thoughtfully prepared, complete, well-dressed and suddenly in need of a new itinerary. Yes, leaving you thus may be seen as self-indulgent on this blogger's part, but when a new idea unfolds with undeniable and seemingly unquenchable promise... 

To continue, I am a serious thinker, even though, at times, I'm labeled "funny." That label is usually applied when I arrive at the point of really getting the point. The serious thinker part precedes arriving at that point. It starts at the moment an idea presents itself at the door of my thought. At its knock, the anti-virus porter [me] tests its spirits. If the idea passes and shows promise, it is admitted to undergo further investigation. Sometimes that process continues beyond its "hot topic" status. Thinkers, like Plato knew about the ebb and flow of social-interest. But they continued to think and write with indifference to it. So standing with Plato, saved drafts should and may well be posted as they mature.

With that conundrum sifted 1x, a comment posted earlier this day on a currently "hot topic" - Advent - will be posted before saving open drafts on my desktop and casting away the unsaved cuttings on my floors.

Still you may wonder, dear reader, what might be unshared if the saved drafts remain drafts. To that I say:  Let us see as "day by day the manna" falls.

last paragraph quote is from Hymn 46

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