What would you do?

What would you do?

       by Michael Lawrence Morgan
        (original format adapted for this post)

What would you do 
if you knew what God was? 

If you knew that God was life itself? 

If you knew that God was really just love - 
       permeating everything, 
               knowing everything, 
                       guiding everything

What would you do if you realized  
that you had nothing to fear? 

That you could accomplish whatever you wanted? 

That because you knew what God was
         and you were living inside this God
                 that anything was possible. 

What would you do???    ??   ?

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P.S. Michael, your many Soulful touches have been noted and greatly appreciated.  Your showcasing of other's talent is masterful giving or rather "Love reflected in love"  When thinking about a grand compound idea I like to break it out a bit -- hope you don't mind.

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