bullying and injustice treated prayerfully.

How would you pray about bullying?
How would you pray about injustice?

Asking about bullying is a hot topic today. It has become a very common problem and few suggestions offer immediate help. The case of injustice is similar in the sense that it involves unequal relationships and has no easy solution. In both cases, claims of fear and lack are evidenced by imbalances between material and spiritual qualities. It seems that one party has power over the other and misuses that power. And it seems that the other party is helpless and without rescourse. Both cases indicate imbalance and neither has a readily available resolution.


If Love is infinite, can these cases be as they appear to be?

What is real and what is a dream...

A friend who loves swimming once said that sometimes she wondered whether she was a fish dreaming of being a girl or a girl dreaming of being a fish. With that, the seeming dilemma hidden within that ancient question came into to my thought. I remembered several quotes from well known thinkers and some casually shared views. Several of them are shared below.


Tis the season for election promises and spiritual discernment...

Today, after reading Don Ingwerson's repost of Fran Esser's post, PRAYER FOR GOOD GOVERNMENT, I began to think. And for me thinking usually starts with a question, so here it is.

Why are we taught to avoid certain topics like politics in our social conversation? 
Isn't it because those discussions often trouble our hearts? But, consider this: Does a topic have power to cause us heart troubles? Isn't it rather how we speak to it?