Abraham finds God

Q: No one introduced Abraham to God, how do you think he recognized the One God?
A: Jewish tradition includes the Midrash or commentary on Biblical accounts. One Midrash is about pre-Abraham Abram's first knowing the One God of Judaism, Islam and of course Christianity. In short, Abram was working for his father, Terah,  who made, sold and repaired idols when he clearly saw that idols were powerless and depended totally on men's hands. He knew that God was above and beyond any idol and the universe and not limited by matter in any way. He absolutely knew God was not material but Spirit. He then took an unwavering stand against the ignorant beliefs of everyone, including Nimrod, and his adventure in greatness began.
"Rabbi Hiyya said that Terah manufactured idols and told the following account:
Terah once went away and left Abraham to mind the store. A woman came with a plateful of flour and asked Abraham to offer it to the idols. Abraham took a stick, broke the idols, and put the stick in the largest idol’s hand.
When Terah returned, he demanded that Abraham explain what he had done. Abraham told Terah that the idols fought among themselves and the largest broke the others with the stick.
'Why do you make sport of me?' Terah cried, 'Do they have any knowledge?'
Abraham replied, 'Listen to what you are saying!  
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Q: Can you have an Abram experience, a moment when you know that you know God is One? 
A: Yes! Yes! Yes! We all must have that moment often called salvation sooner or later. Eternity is timeless so we cannot be late!